2019 – that was when it really all started for the UK – yes, thanks to covid we’ve all now heard the following a lot more than usual: Anxiety, Clapping, Corona Virus, Coronavirus, Covid, Covid-19, Delta Variant, Depression, Face Mask, Furlough, Hand Sanitizers, Home Schooling, Isolation, Keep a Safe Distance, Lockdown, Mental Health, Next Slide Please, Omicron, Pandemic, PPE, Quarantine, Self-Isolating, Self-Isolation, Shielding, Social Distancing, Staycations, Tiers, Unprecedented, Vaccinations, Vulnerable, WFH, Working From Home, Working Remotely, Zoom Conference Calls. 

What other covid related words or phrases can you think of?  Just email them to: Covid Comments

Sleep Better Pillow Mist - helping people with sleeping problems like insomnia, snoring, fibromyalgia and other sleeping issues.

We must all try to be strong, keep looking out for others and now is the time, with all this uncertainty surrounding us every day, to keep our physical and mental health as optimum as possible, sleeping good is critical towards our physical and mental health.

Sleep – how are you doing with it?

Do you sometimes find it difficult to go to sleep?  Wake up in the night?  Do you wake up in the morning, desperate for another 10 minutes sleep?!?  Thankfully, there may now be help for you with this Sleep Better Pillow Mist.

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