​My husband used to snore every night and so keeping me awake, then one day, I read somewhere about this product and thought, not much to lose in buying the product, so why not try it?  It's worked right from the first night.  It's a terrific way to stop sleeping issues.  My husband does still snore, but only very occasionally and only very lightly, so we both now generally get a good nights sleep most nights.
Jackie - ​Cairns, Queensland, Australia

​Wow, this is by far the best pillow mist I have ever used and I’ve tried quite a few!  The fragrance is so lovely and relaxing. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a relaxing nights sleep.
​Emma - ​Horsham, West Sussex, UK

​It's brilliant!
​This sleep better pillow Spray definitely works. First time in years that something really works for me and my wife (cut down snoring almost completely). I would very highly recommend this product.
Graham - Chorley, Lancashire, UK

What a product!
Been using this sleep better pillow mist for about 2 months now, and get a really great deep sleep every night and wake up refreshed and fully ready for the day. As an added bonus it also smells great too!
​Lisa - ​Maidstone, Kent, UK

​My sleep was so bad before using this sleeping product, but now, just a couple of light sprays on my pillow, give it a couple of minutes for the phenomenal aroma to settle, then go to bed and literally, just a couple of minutes later, I've gone straight to sleep!​
​Jamie - Lewistown, Pennsylvania, USA

Now in my second year on this same pillow spray, always repeat buying the same product – I won’t use anything else. What a find!​
​Pauline - Horsham, West Sussex, UK